About the breed

Tibetan spaniel is extremely charming and intelligent small dog. It origins from the Tibet. The breed is known for more than 2000 years. Dogs were bred by tibetan monks and lamas. The legend says, the dogs accompanied monks during their prayers. They were also valuable “heaters” during the night – the dogs were warming monks´ legs in the freezing nights. Their sharp hearing and sight are making them valuable fellows to those who live alone.

Tibetan spaniel can live over 16 years. They are small, aproximately 25cm in hight and weight between 4,1 and 6,8 kg.

Inteligent, playfull, sometimes rebelious – with all this characteristics they can easily be compared with children. They test our patience, but are easily forgive due to their plafullnes and cutnes. All of those characteristics stay with them all their life. They are big dogs in a small body. Their character is a mixture of dog, cat and monkey character.

In general this breed is very healthy. Their maintanence is not difficult, grooming once a week is usually enough. Tibbies as we also call them, are very active dogs, regardless of their small body.